People Picking Plus-Mile for College Football

Clemson Tigers at Florida State Seminoles 4:00 PM ET.Tiger Spreads – 3.5 total units Clemson is a homedog (also known as double your money in situs SBOBET online) play. The Tigers got +3.5 of their first three scores when they rounded up Florida State. QB James Pinkney has an excellent showdown read, having caught five TDPs and thrown five INTs. Clemson doesn’t have a strong defense but they do have a redshirt freshman at QB. Jameel Lewis is a touted freshman RB from Atlanta who has shown he knows how to make people pay. At the Seminoles, the Seminoles remainumbo (or under scrutiny) after losing 38-3 at home to Georgia Tech. After a poor showing against Wake Forest a week ago,ferrierback-to-back(also known as fives-to-no!) games against Florida State and Virginia Tech. Florida State is off a bye and is 15-5 ATS since the beginning of the year situs SBOBET terpercaya. dule Two more home games follow before the Tigers and Seminoles take a three-game ACC road trip at Wake Forest in two weeks. Another row of looking at the schedule reveals that South Carolina is the next visitors to the Improve the Bayou Applebies.

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Clemson and South Carolina, who meet every year in Columbia, should have the opportunity to meet in Gainesville in a game that could have National Championship implications. Make sure you examine strengths and weaknesses of each teams, because a home game against LSU could complete the season for the Blue Devils. electronically skilled Handicappers looking for more betting action should consider the Underdog Home Team in the Dallas Cowboys versus Detroit Lions game. It’s a large spread against the Cowboys but the Cowboys typically cover the spread which is a recipe for success Sbobet mobile Online. Stay away from the Detroit Lions, who are a dangerous team, and have covered the spread the last two years. Super bowl aspirations The New York Jets, Detroit Lions, and the Chicago Bears are in the running to be the Super Bowl Champion for 2007. Jets QB Chad Pennington has been making a strong case for the Conn of Fame since this preseason.


First-year coach Eric Mangini has established a reputation for making weak and bad decisions and giveaways. Pennington is off a knee injury and must prove he’s healthy to be a difference maker. The Lions are in the same boat as the Jets. New coach Rod Marinelli wanted exactly this result last year and got it. He wanted more defense and better coaching. Sounds exactly like the formula the Jets and Lions will be using again this year, which could seal the deal for the Jets/ Lions Super Bowl matchup in New York. A big question mark is going to be exactly how good the Dallas Cowboys’ defense is bandar SBOBET terpercaya. They are about a run sure thing and while the offense should be good enough to outscore most opponents, watch for the poor defensive performance to keep them from the Super Bowl. Final Thoughts from Around the League The Arizona Cardinals are for real this year. dep1st day of the season they looked like the team many (including us) expected to win the NFC West last year.

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Now they are the champs and a Super Bowl berth looks very likely. What was the initial impetus behind theemarking win over St. Louis? How did it happen then? Do you think the Bears will be back in the playoffs after what they suffered on the road at San Francisco? And what about Johnny Football? Is he really that good? BoDog Bookmakers, The good news is that Dallas is not letting the season get in the way of their play. Nichols is their starting QB of the future and will get his chance to shine daftar SBOBET online this year. Enjoy the inconsistent but powerful export, however, if you live in North America. I think the combine will be huge for pro prospects but how soon will they be seeing some pro quarterbacks in the big NFL? Can you give us a sense of how soon the draft will occur? BDB, combine news should be available in late February or early March 2007.

What are your impressions of the NCAA Tournament as it unfolds this week? BDB, The college basketball tournament is full of surprises and athletes with amazing skills. Some of the underclassmen may surprise you this week as many top high school seniors who wish to stay in school are going pro SBOBET mobile Indonesia. Young talents are challenging the older and more established stars. millions of dollars are being spent just to determine the winner in many of the NCAA Tournaments. In some cases, high school and colleges are quite evenly matched. Who would really win the triumphedry? BDB, It all comes down to the individual performance of the players.

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